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Congregational Minutes 1914

St. Marys, Ohio January 18, 1914

            The committee of twenty church members chosen by the consistory met with the consistory in the church auditorium in the afternoon of the above date with one desire and one accord, all were present but one. The meeting was called to order by the pastor through prayer.

            The organization was perfected by the choosing of Rev. F.H. Rupnow as Chairman and Arthur J. Hoerath Secy.

            Rev. Rupnow stated the object of this meeting and urged the expression of the membership in regards of taking steps of providing for a more spacious house of worship. All present agreed that our present building was inadequate to meet the needs of our work. Naturally the first thing to consider was the securing of funds for a building that would meet our future needs. The probable cash was estimated to be not less than $30,000.00. Following a number of favorable remarks as to how this fund might be secured. A motion was made by Peter Tomhafe to erect a building fund in the prescribed manor; every church member to pledge himself or herself according to how God had prospered them. That all monies subscribed be due on time of leaving contract and that subscribers of unpaid subscriptions to assume their own interest till the end of the third year(from the time of leaving contract). Also that subscriber makes their first payments at the time of leaving contract, giving the donor a privilege to pay the remainder anytime within three years through weekly, monthly, or quarterly payments. Various remarks were made on their motion, one prevailing thought being expressed by several which gave the motion a decided clear tone, that the money to be raised for this project should be done in all simplicity according to Bible teachings, avoiding the number of schemes and methods of making money. This motion carried without opposition.

            The preceding motion gave way for immediate development and resulted into another motion made by Charles Limbacher second by William Steva that the chair appoints sufficient number of men to compose a committee to canvas the congregation in endeavor to secure the estimated sum of $30,000.00. This motion carried.

            The committee and consistory felt congratulated that in their meeting a way was paved for a great enterprise and in taking their forward steps they all had the future welfare of the congregation at heart and they adjourned till the next call meeting.


                                                                        Arthur J. Hoerath Secy.




A short report of the work of

Building Committee of

St. Paul’s Reformed Church

St. Marys, Ohio 1915


            The Building Committee began the large and strenuous task assigned it sometime early last spring. After negotiating at length with a number of architects, Mr. Andrew De Curtin of Lima Ohio was engaged and entrusted with the planning and designing of the new church. Thus far he has proved himself master of the situation. To explain the building is not necessary at this time, for it is nearly a complete reality. The work is being executed under the painstaking care of contractor Wm. Brodbeck. The Building Committee was all members of the congregation, sincere thanks for the confidence and support given them. The work thus far has not been an easy one, but a very interesting and pleasant one. The congregation entrusted the committee with the erection of a church to cost $30,000.00 without organ, and we feel pleased to announce that we have kept very close to the mark, On certain things we have been able to save and on others we were obliged to go beyond the appropriation, so that when everything is taken in to consideration our church building will cost about one thousand dollars more than $30,000.00.

            A few facts which the whole congregation should known. In the erection of the building the committee strove for economy without the sacrifice of durability. Our church will be as durable as a building of its size could possibly be constructed and we look forward to not many repairs to be made in a number of years to come. We have not disregarded beauty as everybody will see. The church will look like a church and nothing else, and will at the same time have the best inner equipment that the specified sum could buy.

            Our finances as shown from the financial statement our congregation in the past year raised more money than in any one year in our history. It must be not be expected that that our new church can be completed without a debt, but every possible thing will be done to keep that debt down to the lowest figure. There are at present about $21,000.00 of our church subscribed for, the building will cost about $31,000.00 which leaves about $10,000.00, adding to this the cost of our lot makes the uncovered amount $12,750.00. Now how shall we cover this? First, we must raise $5,000.00 on our Building fund this year. If we raised $15,000.00 cash last year, then surely we ought to raise $5,000.00 more this year; this would leave us $7,750.00. Now if we figure realizing $2,000.00 out of our old property, this would leave us $5,750.00. This is not too large of debt and by each one of us increasing our offering to the general fund just a little; we ought to dispose this in three years time. We must remember that this was a great undertaking, but God has most wonderfully blessed us, and he expects each one of us to make a little sacrifice.

            We have thus far been successful and in the spirit of the present success our congregation may with united effort look forward to great tthings.