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St. Paul's Pastors

Pastors Serving St. Paul's 1849-Present

Adolph Conradi, pastor of St. Peter's in New Bremen, helped organize the congregation
Adolph Conradi 1849-1850  
August Gockelen 1850-1852  
A. Seibel 1852-1853  
J. E. W. Allard 1853-1861 First to reside in St. Marys
Rev. J. Bundenthal 1862-1864  
Rev. Frederick Nestman 1964-1865  
Rev. John Grimm 1865-1867  
Rev. Wiehe 1867-1872  
Rev. N. Burkhardt 1873-1874  
Rev. Henry Krauss 1874-1875  
Rev. Dr. Rehsteiner 1876-1877  
Rev. Gustave C. Schultz 1878-  
Rev. Yelden 1880-1881  
Rev. John Heberle 1881-1884  
Rev. Joseph Schaatz 1884-1899 First Mission Festival in 1884; Reformed Church influence developing
Rev. Christian Badetscher 1886-1899 Second church built 1888; New parsonage constructed 1890
Rev. P. S. Kohler 1900-1913 Numerical growth & planning for new facility; Increased benevolent program
Rev. F. H. Rupnow 1913-1921 Present church constructed; Numerical growth
Rev. Walter Scott Richard 1921-1927 Parsonage dedicated
Rev. Harvey Burkett 1927-1932 Period of consolidation
Rev. George P. Koehl 1932-1945 Name changed to "Evangelical and Reformed Church"; Redecoration of building; Parish paper introduced; Continued growth in benevolent giving and in numbers
Rev. John Schmidt 1945-1953 Affliliation with Evangelical and Reformed Church; Renovation of the church; Centennial celebration; Organizational life increased
Rev. Charles Schwantes 1951-1956 Educational Building begun-Fund Drive; Organ purchased; Seminary students spent clinical year in the congregation; Rev. Kenneth Kuenning ordained
Rev. Howard Poetter 1961-1976 Name changed to United Church of Christ; New constitution written and accepted; Educational building paid in full; Additional property purchased; Undershepherd system begun; Full-time secretary; Pastoral assistant; Opening for full-time Associate Pastor; New roof on church building; Redecoration sanctuary; Tuck pointing, painting & waterproofing; Painted trim; Installed PA & intercom system; New choir robes
Rev. Sandra Hutchinson (Associate Pastor) 1975-1978  
Rev. Dennis Snell 1977-1985 Completely redecorated sanctuary and cleaned exterior; Remodeled offices & lounge; New heating system installed ($66,400.00); Grounds were landscaped; Pew cushions; Fellowship Hall redecorated; Building accessibility addressed; Carillion purchased-Al Heinrich Family & other donations
Rev. Thomas Triebel (Associate Pastor) 1979-1980  
Rev. Michelle Auger (Associate Pastor) 1981-1985  
Rev. Nathan Wierwille (Interim Pastor) 1986  
Rev. Carl Mohr 1986-1992 Total renovation of the chancel area; Wheelchair lift for chancel area.
Rev. Nathan Wierwille (Interim Pastor) 1992-1993  
Rev. Patrick McKinney 1993-1998  
Rev. Nathan Wierwille (Interim Pastor) 1998-1999  
Rev. Harold Theidt (Interim Pastor)                1998-Died  
Rev. Patricia Minnick 2000-2006 Sunday School "Creation Station" started; Sunday School interior repainted reflecting "Creation Station"
Rev. Dennis Fredriksen (Interim Pastor) 2006-2008  
Rev. Dr. Eddie Bray 2008-2018 New roof on lounge; Complete renovation and redecorating of Heritage Hall; Wheelchair lift in library for accessibility to church office; Video surveillance system installed; A/C in church kitchen
Rev. Dr. Douglas Williamson (Interim Pastor) 2018-2019


Rev. Rhonda A. Hainer 2019-